CAPSULE CORNER is a capsule prize themed micro-gallery that features artwork and capsule prizes designed by indie artists from around the world.

  •  How does it work?

CAPSULE CORNER features a rotation of Capsule Artists. During a rotation each artist designs a number of prizes to make up a total of 6 possible prizes that are winnable in the CAPSULE CORNER machine. Prizes are representational of each artist’s month long solo show that they exhibit at the CAPSULE CORNER micro-gallery wall.

  • How do I win a prize?

Patrons can win CAPSULE CORNER prizes in a number of ways, at our physical location at The Hive Gallery & Studios in downtown Los Angeles by purchasing a TOKEN and using it on the CAPSULE CORNER machine. You can also use our online shop to win a prize by purchasing a VIRTUAL TOKEN and we’ll ship you a prize. You can even leave your Instagram or Twitter handle for us to take and tag you in a Capsule Reveal Video.

A random prize is included in all orders of $50 or more. All original art purchases also include the prize(s) designed by that artist.

  • How big are the prizes?

Prizes are made to fit inside 2 inch diameter capsules. Though most will be below 2 inches, the size can vary. We are constantly challenging ourselves to creatively break beyond the boundaries of the physical capsule itself.

  • Can I pick the prize I want?

CAPSULE CORNER is capsule prize based and similar to a blind box type system. Whether purchasing online or using the CAPSULE CORNER machine in person, the prize you win is random.

Our Pick-A-Prize option allows a choice of prize for an added fee. All original art purchases and print sets will always include that artist’s designed prize(s)

  • what is your refund or exchange policy?

All sales made through CAPSULE CORNER are final.

All prizes and artworks we sell are collectible, made in limited runs and are often hand-painted or assembled. Slight imperfection are typical with this kind of product and, in fact, often enhance the value.
  • HOW//WHEN is my order SHIPPED?

Orders are shipped every Tuesday or Wednesday. All artwork will be on display for the duration of the art show they are in and are shipped within 2 weeks of the end of the art show.

Prizes are shipped vis USPS First Class.

Artwork and print sets are shipped via USPS Priority Mail for domestic orders and USPS First Class for international.

Feel free to email us for questions on your order: hello@capsulecorner.fun

  • Do you take submissions?

If you’re interested in showing at CAPSULER CORNER please feel free to email us with a brief introduction and links to your portfolio // social media to: hello@capsulecorner.fun